Hi Denise
I just wanted to say how I love the dog soap product that I have been using. I have used liquid soap for the most part until I tried the bar of dog soap from you. I had received the bar as a gift at Christmas time and just set it aside. Finally about a month ago I decided I would give it a try. I love the way it lathers you and how well it cleans the dogs fur. The scent is pleasant, it doesn’t stay long in the dogs which is fine because I usually try to bathe them once a week. It just does a good job getting them clean. Thanks I just wanted to share this with you.


Mark Brown


 Wow! I just ordered yesterday, and here it is; YOU ROCK!  Sorry I've missed you at craft show this last year.  But, I remembered your name and searched you on the net.  Yea!!!  This is the best.  Thank you. Robert.


My sister (now 18) has struggled with severe acne since she was 12, we have tried everything from face wash-proactive and paying $$$ money for facials. Your healing soap has been the only thing that's has worked for her, since using she has cleared up 75% and is now a confident young lady. We can't thank you enough for your wonderful product! 
-chelsie Citrus Heights CA

Dear Denise--I am writing to tell you how happy we are to have discovered Green Frog Soaps.  Before that point, we were using just whatever we bought at the supermarket and never gave it a thought.  But since we have been buying your soaps, we have become enlightened to the joys of hand washing and showering with the various soaps for the different moods and purposes.  Our skin feels clean and smells so fresh when we emerge from the shower.  Even our guests often remark how nice we smell after using the soaps.  I especially like the soap balls for hand washing and have them in all 3 bathrooms.  We can't thank you enough for providing us with such a fine product. 
A very loyal customer,
Beverly and Geoff



Denise, I just used the dog soap over the weekend on our 4 dogs and I loved it!  A bar of soap is so much easier than using liquid soap!  Plus, our lil minpin usually has dandruff as soon as you dry her after using the doggy shampoo.  Once I dried her off after using the doggy bar of soap, there were no dandruff flakes. 

Happy New Year!  Kevin W.


I've been testing your Hawaiian vacation soap on my legs for the last week
as they were itching and feeling horrible.
All I can say it's great and has stopped them from itching. It's the only thing
I've found in the last 8 years which has helped. Can't recommend enough to
anyone who struggles with perfumes, washing powders, deodorants and have to say to friends "don't buy me smelly's". 

Finally I've found a soap which smells amazing which I can use !!!

Carole C from the UK