About our Soaps

 The process of making Green Frog Soap Soaps is done using the Cold Process method. And no we don't use frog legs! 

The soaps are made with Olive oil which moisturizes the skin by attracting external moisture. Olive oil is a particularly wonderful moisturizer, because it does not block any of the natural functions of the skin. The skin is able to sweat, breathe and shed dead skin. We cannot say enough good things about olive oil. We developed our formula to contain the highest amount of olive oil (30%) that we could without making the bar too soft. If you ever find a soap that claims to have a high percentage of olive oil and is a hard bar, know that this is most likely the result of added synthetics to harden the bar.

Shea Butter also know as African karite butter is pressed from the pits of the fruit of the Central African butter tree. Like olive oil, it conditions the skin without inhibiting the skin's natural functions. Shea butter is very rich and nourishing and is excellent for dry skin, yet gentle enough for babies and sensitive skin.

Coconut oil is derived from dried coconut meat. It moisturizes and gives the soap a quick, fluffy lather.

Palm oil comes from the fruit of the palm tree (a relative of the coconut tree). Palm oil is used as the vegetable alternative to tallow in soap making. It provides for a hard bar, cleans well and is mild.

We use purified water in all of our soap. It ensures that each batch is free of minerals and other elements in other waters or tap water.

Yes, we must use Lye or it is not SOAP!

Lye known as sodium hydroxide reacts with the oils in the saponification process to make soap. If it is not made with lye it is not soap.

The lye is not harmful once it is made into soap. The oils are acidic and the lye is alkaline. In the process of the stirring of the oils and lye and water together the bonding takes place that causes the harshness of the ingredients alone, to become mild and non-caustic.

We also use botanicals like oatmeal, calendula, chamomile, lavender, citrus peel, peppermint in most of the soaps. This gives the soaps a little exfoliant to get rid of the dead skin cells. Sweet Pea Baby soap and Mister Spicey do not have exfoliants.

Finally, we add mica colorants that are skin safe.

Our handmade soaps are approximately 6-7 oz. (198gm)

We test each batch for the PH level.

And all these ingredients creates a wonderful soap called Green Frog Soap.